Since December 6, 2004, I’m Normal. I AM Ministries has published a daily devotional intended to encourage, educate, and enhance your walk with God and Jesus Christ. As societal morals degrade rapidly and Christianity is increasingly viewed as intolerant, intrusive, and undesirable, our mission is to promote Godly living in a world committed to destroying it. Whereas many in the past two generations have not grown up the church, reverence for God is fading. Left without a sound moral compass, each goes his own way and bases his thoughts and actions on his own desires (Proverbs 14:12, 16:25). This leads to the chaos we witness today in the moral fabric of society.


Six days a week, the Daily Devotional written by Jeff Myers presents an in-depth view and analysis of topics pertinent to Godly living. The devotionals endeavor to honor the Bible, God’s Holy Word, and seek to provide detailed insight on the selected topic.

Sunday devotionals offer a less intense devotional offering to start your week. These devotionals come from a variety of sources and include stories (some true, others not), guidance for Godly living and Godly relationships, and sometimes humor. Many readers have made contributions that became Sunday devotionals.

Whereas a devotional is sent out daily, most are not new offerings. Devotionals are reissued approximately every two years.


During the Christmas and Easter seasons, Daily Devotional offerings concentrate on topics related to the upcoming holiday. This is done to prepare our hearts and minds for the birth of our LORD and His and resurrection. In addition, I’m Normal. I AM Ministries issues devotionals describing certain Biblical holidays that are “lasting ordinances”. These now correspond to Jewish holidays such as Passover, Shavuot, Sukkot, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Chanukah. These devotionals highlight how God infused customs, traditions, and prophecy pointing to His Son Jesus Christ in these holiday celebrations.


Each website page offers an area to sign up for the Daily Devotional. Your email address is required. Optionally, you may include your name. I’m Normal. I AM Ministries’ policy is to maintain strict privacy for list members.

Occasionally entry errors generate an incorrect email address. If you sign up for the Daily Devotional and do not receive devotional transmissions within 48 hours, please reenter your email information and resubmit.


Daily Devotionals offer readers the opportunity to share comments pertaining to their thoughts, opinions, and applications derived from the devotionals. As our goal is to issue God-centered and respectful devotionals, we request comments to be respectful and appropriate also, even if you disagree with our views.