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“It’s not about you.” This is the opening line from the book “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren. This statement shocks many people. Why? – Because the world bombards us with this mantra. Media messages assure us we control our lives, we control our own destinies, we are the center of the Universe, and we deserve the best of everything. Even at work, knick-knacks stating “It’s all about me” can be observed.

Ask yourself this question: When was the last time you turned on the television and saw someone give credit to Jesus or the I Am God of the Bible? It’s probably been a while. We are a culture absorbed in the me and the now. This puts the individual at the center of everything and says  our life is self-important, contrary to what God tells us (Matthew 10:39). Self-centeredness is the humanist philosophy that puts us ahead of God and places us in direct conflict with God and His purpose for us.

The Me worldview is a humanist philosophy in complete opposition to God. Humanists believe the Universe has always been self-existent and was not created. They deny the very existence of God. They believe man is part of nature and he has emerged as the result of an evolutionary process based on random results. In the Humanist Manifesto I, published more than 70 years ago, fifteen basic tenets of their secular faith are set forth, each of which denies the existence of God.

In the Humanist Manifesto II, published in 1973, they state: “As non-theists, we begin with humans, not God, nature, or duty….We can discover no divine purpose or providence for the human species. While there is much we do not know, humans are responsible for what we are or will become. No deity will save us; we must save ourselves.”

Humanism claims man is the ultimate reality and man is at the center of the Universe. This worldview flies in the face of everything the Bible says or stands for including the opening sentence “In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth” and the description in Genesis Chapters 1 and 2 of how God created man. It goes against Acts 4:12, which states, “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under Heaven given to men by which we must be saved”, referring to Jesus Christ. Yet this is what humanists believe, that “promises of immortal salvation or eternal damnation are both illusory and harmful…. Rather science affirms that the human species is an emergence from natural evolutionary forces.”

The logical conclusion of humanism is that man represents the ultimate reality, which in effect makes man his own god. Therefore, man must make his own rules, must chart his own destiny, answer only to himself, determine what is right and wrong, and develop his own means of salvation. Do you see what chaos this causes as each man or woman decides what is appropriate for them? Everyone will have their own version of reality, of morality, of right and wrong, and the god they choose to serve. Is it any wonder the world is so confused?

Self-help gurus continue to tell us we are in control and that we can control our own destinies and those of others. There is no chance of this because the myriad desires from each Me will conflict. If you don’t believe this, try remembering the last time you tried to get a group of people to agree on the toppings for a pizza. Generally there are many ideas and many preferences, but little consensus. Getting people to agree on morality is infinitely more difficult.

God assures us it’s not about you (Matthew 16:25). Genesis 1:1 puts God squarely at the center of everything – the Heavens, Universe, the Earth, and your inner being. He is the Cause, He is the Creator, and He is the Center of the Universe. God is central in the Universe. As Creator of all, the Universe exists exclusively for Him so He can reveal His glory and majesty (Romans 1:19-20).

There are two opposing and divergent lines of thought in our world today, but only one of them is normal. Only one of them can be the ultimate reality. As Christians, we know the evolutionary philosophy that leads to humanism is a myth and that God is the ultimate reality. No matter what you believe, the LORD says “Before me every knee shall bow; by me every tongue will confess.” (Isaiah 45:23). That is the indisputable ultimate reality.

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