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Today cars equipped with the OnStar navigation system are common. With the touch of a button, the occupants can receive 24/7 accurate and precise directions. Using satellites orbiting orbiting the Earth, the global positioning system (GPS) can determine exactly the car’s location and a route to the destination. Finding your way is as simple as following the directions.

As is so often the case, God gives us a glimpse of upcoming technology through His Holy Word. Two thousand years ago, God placed a star in the sky to guide the Magi in their quest to find the Christ child. They first saw His star in the east (Matthew 2:2) and followed it until they reached their intermediate destination, King Herod. Under special orders from Herod, but under Divine guidance from the King of Kings, the Magi were guided 24/7 until they came to Bethlehem.

How graciously God directed them! This was the same star, the same navigational system they had seen in their own country. Positioned high above the globe, its first appearance was a light to them that informed them of the birth of our Savior. They traveled far by means of this star, which guided them alone by their faith through the darkness of the night. These men believed God would direct them, and God rewarded their faith. God would not leave them unguided in their quest to find His Son, our Eternal Light in the darkness of the world. God will direct us and enable us to do things we could not do in our own strength or wisdom. For those who seek earnestly, a reward will be given.

Those who follow God in the dark shall find the Light reserved for them. When Moses led the nation of Israel through the desert, God provided a pillar of fire to guide them to the Promised Land (Exodus 13:21). Neither the pillar of cloud by day nor the pillar of fire by night left its place in front of the people. At the time of Christ’s birth, the star would lead the Magi to God’s promised Seed, who is Himself our bright Morning Star (Revelation 22:16).

God had created a new star to announce the birth of our Morning Star, the One who brings us salvation, the One who will never leave His place in front of His people. The star in the east brought the Magi to Bethlehem. It was a token of God’s presence with them, for He is Light, and always goes before His people as their guide. This time it led the seekers to the first and only everlasting GPS – God’s Promised Son, the Light of the world.

Once in Bethlehem, the Holy Spirit led them directly to Jesus, for there was no other way to find Him. No one except God knew the whereabouts of Joseph and Mary. Hotels did not keep guest lists as they do now. Joseph stayed in a 1st century equivalent of an Air bnb, and no registration was required because there was no room in the inn. Even if the Magi knew enough to inquire of Joseph and Mary by name, no one would have recognized them because they were strangers from the distant town of Nazareth. Yet the Spirit beamed perfect directions from the Heavens to the One-Star, Jesus Christ.

The Magi’s journey might be summed up with these well-known lyrics – “This is my quest, to follow that star, no matter how hopeless, no matter how far.” Do these words describe the state of your quest to find our LORD? Are you focused on-Star and on Jesus? Are you willing to march anywhere for His Heavenly cause? The words to this popular song have inspired many, but our LORD Jesus Christ is our ultimate inspiration. He is a Light unto our path that never dims and always provides hope. He will guide you on every journey in this life, no matter how far it seems.

It is normal to focus on the Morning Star of Jesus Christ. When the Magi saw the star, “they were filled with great joy.” (Matthew 2:10). Does this describe your relationship with Jesus Christ? He guides us with His own eye (Psalm 32:8) if we are willing to follow His normal ways. He is the day-star that arises in our hearts when we see Him (2 Peter 1:19). He is a beacon of Light like no other.

Satellite tracking can guide you where you need to go physically in this world, but unless you are focused on-Star Jesus, you will walk in spiritual darkness forever. Let the hearts of those who seek the LORD rejoice, for He will equip you with on-board navigation 24/7. We should be glad of everything that will show us the way to Christ. The star in the east was sent to lead the Magi, but the star of Jesus Christ was sent to guide you eternally. Make sure you stay on-Star in your quest. All you need to do is follow God’s directions.

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