Seeking the Source

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A crisis was at hand and the stakes were high. The wedding feast had reached its crescendo, with all the expected merriment. Suddenly, a groom’s and his family’s worst nightmare became a reality –there was no more wine. In the days of Jesus, it was the duty and obligation of the host to prepare a feast with food and drink sufficient to meet the needs of the guests for the duration of the wedding feast. Anything less meant shame and embarrassment for the host and would be considered an insult by the guests.

Mary, mother of Jesus, approached Jesus and told Him the wine had been consumed (John 2:3). Ironically, Jesus and His disciples likely contributed to the unexpected shortage. The wedding planners may not have anticipated Jesus’ entourage and underestimated the amount of wine needed. In His first public miracle, Jesus shows us how those who put their faith in Him shall not lose.

Why Mary informed Jesus of the shortage is not known precisely. Jesus, LORD of all, who knows our hearts and needs before we ask Him, no doubt was aware of the impending crisis before His mother even mentioned it. Some think she did not expect a miracle because He had not yet done so publicly. Thus, she may have been hinting for Him to make a decent excuse for the shortage and to save the reputation of the bridegroom.

Others suggest she hoped He would make up for the lack of wine with a Holy discourse that would amaze the guests with His teaching and authority. Most likely, however, she was hoping for a miracle. She had witnessed His emergence as a great prophet, somewhat akin Moses, who frequently provided the people of Israel with their needs. She may also have been aware of His power if He had provided for the needs of her household during times of family need. A Jewish mother’s first priority is to provide for her household and also extends her hand to the needy (Proverbs 31:15, 20. She may have viewed the shortage as an opportunity to confirm her suspicions while fostering a good deed.

Mary chose to go to the One through whom all things were made (John 1:3). She sought out the source. Most likely presumptuous in her actions, she was concerned for the wants and needs of her friends, as we should be too. She shows us that in periods of our own needs as well as those of our friends, it is our duty and to our credit that we go to Jesus in prayer with our requests. But as we do, we must ask humbly and not prescribe the way in which we think He should accomplish the task. We need to just take our need to Him and allow Him to do as He pleases.

While we are in this world, we will have wants and needs, even when we consider ourselves to be largely self-sufficient. We must expect trouble in the flesh and count on disappointments, even at joyous occasions such as wedding feasts. In times of need and trouble, Jesus shows us it is normal to turn to Him. If we seek Him as the source, we will fulfill our spiritual needs. He doesn’t guarantee all our wants and desires will be filled, but He shows us we cannot lose when we put our faith in Him.

A water well can run dry. An income source can disappear. A source of friendship can move or die. All Earthly sources are tenuous. Jesus is the only source who will never dry up or disappear. When you are seeking a source for any aspect of your life, remember to start with Jesus. Pray for Him to help you through the trouble. He is the source who will never fail.

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