Going the Distance

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How far would you go to demonstrate your commitment Jesus Christ? Are you willing to sacrifice your comforts for the needs of others and for the Kingdom of God? John Chapter 4 describes how Jesus healed the sick son of a nobleman from afar. Spiritually, a greater distance had to be crossed – that of the nobleman’s heart to meet Christ. Christ’s long distance miracle of Christ only occurred because a man took a great spiritual journey, first battling pride, power, status, wealth victoriously. Only after this spiritual victory did Christ display the power He brings to our lives.

The royal official or nobleman must have possessed unique status, perhaps for the size of his estate, the extent of his power, or the riches that belonged to his household. His status may have been a result of business success, wealth, or being a high official to the king, which, if true, would have made him a servant of Herod.

Despite his elevated status, he and his household were not immune from the deadly diseases that afflict us all. His son was sick, and all the titles, riches and power he had in the world would not protect his son from illness, nor guarantee recovery. Most likely he had called local physicians to examine his son at their home, but to no avail. It appears the condition of the boy was beyond the understanding or healing capabilities of ordinary men.

Word reached this royal official that the Great Physician had come out of Judah into Galilee, the region of his estate. However, Jesus had not come to Capernaum, the official’s home town, heading in a different direction, towards Cana. It was then the official realized he would have to go the distance to seek Jesus if healing would be performed.

This official displayed a number of characteristics admired by our LORD. He showed a tender affection to his son, being willing to spare no effort or pain in order to obtain help for him. Jesus respects such devotion and love. In addition, the man showed great respect to Jesus, by going himself, by faith, to beg for a miracle. No doubt this noble man had servants he could have sent in his place, but the man took it upon himself to go alone the distance necessary in order to obtain the love and healing of Jesus Christ.

There was much to this man’s faith. He shows us how even the greatest men, when they come to God, must come as beggars. We must all assume the role of a pauper and humble ourselves in order to be pleasing to God and to obtain His mercy. As this official also demonstrates, we must also be sincere in our faith. He truly believed Christ could heal his son, even though the disease was beyond the capabilities of the best physicians available. We, too, should have such faith that Christ can heal the worst infirmities, whether physical or spiritual.

Despite these positive attributes, this man’s faith was lacking in one important area. Whereas he believed Jesus could heal his son, he thought Jesus could not heal him at a distance. His faith was not so strong as to believe Jesus had the power to heal from any location. Because of this misconception, he asked Jesus to come down to heal his son, expecting Jesus to cure his son by physical contact. On another occasion, Jesus healed a pagan centurion’s son from a distance (Matthew 8:5-13).

What the nobleman did not realize is that Jesus can never come down in His power or authority. Even when He was on Earth, having come down from Heaven, His authority was above all and He will always maintain His authority no matter where He is. Jesus, the Great Physician, had mercy on this man of faith and healed his son from a distance.

Jesus has the power and authority to heal any of us from anywhere, whether He is here on Earth or in Heaven at the right hand of God. There is no limit to the length of His hand. He can reach out and touch each of us no matter where we are, healing us physically and spiritually as He did with the official, whose household became believers after the miracle. We are all subject to disease, especially sin, which results in a death only Jesus can heal.

It is normal for Jesus to heal from a distance. He can heal us today from Heaven just as easily and effectively as if He were walking on Earth. But He also wants us to go the distance by coming to Him. We must be willing to demonstrate sincere faith and obedience and to come to Him humbly. We must come to Him alone, for He saves us each individually.

Jesus has promised us spiritual healing if we will only go the distance of believing in Him and following His normal ways. Make a commitment today to go the distance on His behalf. How far will you go?

Jeff Myers
A servant of Jesus Christ


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