A Different God

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Yesterday Christians around the world celebrated Easter. Non-Christians wonder what is so different about the God we serve, and wonder what the fuss is about. Skeptics of Christianity, as well as those of other faiths, often ask very similar questions concerning our activities, which typically follow these basic themes:

“Don’t all religions of the world teach basically the same thing?”
“Don’t we all worship the same God, just in different ways?”
“Aren’t we all striving to get to the same place, just taking different routes?”
“Wasn’t Jesus Christ just another one of God’s prophet’s?”

From a strictly factual perspective, answers to such questions are easily available. It requires only a few minutes of studying the available books, pamphlets, or websites on comparative religions to discover the various gods worshipped around the world are different. It is even more obvious that the God we worship as Christians and the Way we worship Him is totally unique. Nevertheless, these common questions form the cornerstone of skepticism regarding Christianity.

The reason Christianity is different is because 2,000 years ago a man came into this world who claimed to be the One and Only true Living God. His name was Jesus Christ. He claimed to be God while He was alive. He performed miracles as no other man had, before or since. He claimed He would be killed and then resurrected Himself to life. After His death, He would prove His claim once and for all time by doing something no one has ever done before or since – He came back from the dead, and did it in just three days, as predicted.

Despite His actions, which are documented in multiple historical sources, skeptics abound. Herein lies the skeptic’s problem – because He actually did what He said He would do, it is necessary to ignore the facts. Christ’s resurrection imposes the major stumbling block with the notion that all religions are essentially the same. The resurrection is the problem with the contention that Jesus Christ was just another prophet. The bottom line is, the problem faced by all other religions of the world is the empty tomb of Jesus Christ!

The resurrection of Jesus Christ separates Christianity from all other religions, beliefs, and claims of divine truths. If you are trying to determine what the right religion might be for you, you must deal with the empty tomb of Jesus Christ. You must deal with the fact that Jesus Christ claimed to be God, He claimed He would be resurrected, He died on the Cross, and He was resurrected just as He claimed. Because Jesus rose from the dead, the decision is straightforward – the only right religion is the one that declares Jesus Christ as LORD.

No other religion or belief system in the world worships a God-Savior who has risen from the dead. There are no Buddhists gathered anywhere celebrating the resurrection of the dead. There are no Hindus gathered celebrating the resurrection from the dead of even one of the thousands of gods they worship. Muslims do not assemble to rejoice over the resurrection of Mohammed from the dead – it is well documented that he died in the seventh century at the age of 62. Moreover, Mohammed’s death was not followed by a resurrection to life.

The Apostle Peter tells us, “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.” (1 Peter 3:15). The fact that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead separates Christianity from every other religion in the world. The historical event of His resurrection from the dead identifies Him and Him alone as the One and True Living God of this Universe. It is His resurrection that conquered death. By conquering death, He gives us the assured hope that we too will one day be restored to new life. This is the reason for our assured hope, which is available to anyone who believes (John 3:16).

It isn’t normal for a man to make astonishing, fantastic, and outlandish claims He is the Eternal, Almighty, Creator God of Heaven and Earth – unless He is Jesus Christ. Moreover, Jesus did more than declare His Deity and give us spiritual teachings. Jesus claimed He would die and be resurrected from the grave. The fact He did it sets Christianity apart from any other system of beliefs. For Christians, Jesus Christ is the reason for our hope. He is a truly different God.

Jeff Myers
A servant of Jesus Christ


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