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As Noah made final preparations on the ark God had commanded him to build, the project seemed to be on track. Noah had completed the structure and the animals were filing into the ark as God had desired. After all were inside, the LORD shut Noah in (Genesis 7:16). Noah was sealed inside the ark, and because God Himself had shut the door, no way of escape existed until God intervened. Noah’s future rested entirely on the vehicle God had designed and His amazing grace.

Despite the great faith Noah exhibited by following God’s command to build the ark, a moment of trepidation may have struck Noah when the door slammed shut with divine finality. No one had ever seen a flood, so Noah must have pondered what such an event would entail. Moreover, Noah knew the duration he and his family would spend on board the ark or whether they would ever get off. Imagine the thought of spending the remainder of your life on the world’s all-time largest floating barn.

Despite the uncertainties, God’s seal on the ark provided a loving gift. Being human, Noah could easily have panicked when he witnessed “all the springs of the great deep burst forth, and the floodgates of the Heavens were opened” (Genesis 7:11). Evasive action was not an option – had he left the ark, he would have drowned. The future of mankind rested entirely on God’s favor.

Noah had invested 120 years building the ark (Genesis 6:3). During this time, he had endured the scoffing, taunting, and mocking of those filled with wickedness. He had suffered those whose “every inclination of the thoughts of their hearts were only evil all the time” (Genesis 6:5). These same people may have decided suddenly they wanted to be part of Noah’s “crazy” project. However, they had offended God beyond His breaking point and God sealed them out of the ark to drown. Because Noah had found favor in God’s eyes, God sealed Noah in for his own protection. Imagine what that must have felt like!

Noah and his seven family members spent over a year on the ark. It provided physical salvation to keep them alive while all around them were perishing. Every other man, woman and child on the entire Earth was destroyed. The ark was Noah’s saving grace and his only hope of a future. He had put his faith in the LORD and His judgment. Thus, he received life instead of the punishment of death. To be in the ark was to be saved from judgment. To be outside the ark meant inevitable destruction.

The ark provided the vehicle God chose to save Noah and his family from physical death. Today, the ark serves as an illustration of God’s vehicle for spiritual salvation – faith in Jesus Christ. Noah’s faith in entering the ark physically foreshadows us placing our faith in Jesus Christ spiritually so we do not face eternal destruction. Both are acts of faith. Each depends not on understanding or scientific principles, but the belief in a God who always delivers on His promises. Those who have accepted Christ know what it’s like to be sealed in!

The people of Noah’s day considered him abnormal for what he was doing. They scoffed and laughed at the idea of a Great Flood and immense wooden ark. They did not believe God would bring such a judgment on His people. As the Bible reveals, they were wrong. They were not sealed in the ark and suffered both physical and spiritual death.

Today, many scoff at the idea of God implementing His promised judgment on the world. Many doubt the saving power of Jesus Christ. Many don’t believe a loving God would wipe out massive amounts of humanity. Many believe any god will get you into Heaven and save you. Others don’t believe in God at all.

Anyone who is not a believer in the LORD Jesus Christ will suffer the second death of those who remained outside the ark in Noah’s time. If you have placed your faith outside the ark of Jesus Christ, you will surely perish. Jesus Christ is God’s chosen vehicle for our eternal salvation just as the ark was for Noah’s salvation from the floodwaters.

We are sealed in the promise of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 1:13-14). This assures our salvation just as Noah’s being sealed in the ark assured his. God has promised us eternal life through His Son if only we believe. God won’t allow others to break into our ark of salvation through Jesus Christ, just as He prevented those of Noah’s time to threaten his security (John 10:29).

Following God’s plan of salvation is normal and sure whether the vehicle is an ark or His Son Jesus Christ. It is by grace through faith we are saved (Ephesians 2:8), just as Noah was saved by his faith in God. Make sure you are normal and sealed in by your faith in the blood Jesus Christ shed for you.

Jeff Myers
A servant of Jesus Christ


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